ISTANBUL LANGUAGE ACADEMY is part of SDM Language School whichhas been serving as a language school offering English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Turkish courses since 1994 under the Ministry of National Education and has been accredited by the Ministry. We offer Language courses for group and individual students and corporate solutions to companies in various levels.

Communicative Language Teaching methods and techniques has been the main theme in Language Teaching at ILA Turkey. Needs and expectations of our students have been the main priority in determining the most suitable program for each student which makes it possible to plan and apply an efficient training course for each student. Each student receives feedback from the coordinators through improvement and performance reports provided by teachers.

Teachers at ILA Turkey are Professional and experienced so that they can respond to needs and expectations of students.

ILA Turkey has been chosen for language education by numerous individuals; well know companies and institutions since it offers efficient solutions in language learning. 


  • Giving priority to needs and expectations of our students so that we can reach a top level success with our students.
  • Supporting the self-investment on individuals and groups.
  • Teaching languages in a practical way.
  • Offering service with a professional staff.
  • Working professionally with like an amateur.
  • Keeping all our promises. 


our vision
  • The most important principle of ILA Turkey is to make students reach their targets in an efficient way.
  • Working with native Speaking instructors.
  • Working with local and native teachers who have teaching diplomas and certificates.
  • Providing a faster and practical training program to our students with suitable teachers and course content.
  • Serving with a system which considers the continuity has an important role in language learning.
  • Providing all necessary equipment not only by providing qualified teacher but also providing a qualified language school staff.