As ILA TURKEY, we are proud to be OFFICIAL  PTE ACADEMIC TRAINING CENTER in Turkey. PTE Academic is one of the most accepted proficiency exam in the World.

Our official PTE trainer teachers will be happy to help you to reach your goals.  We customize and offer long term academic packages specifically for exam prep courses.  Our students will be benefit some discounts at official exams and PTE official books.

What is PTE Academic:

PTE Academic is an English language proficiency exam that measures 4 main language skills and has the YDS equivalence (YDS Equivalence means it is accepted by all Turkey universities for passing Foundation Class of English Language Schools) , and also it has the most frequent sessions in its field and provides a result report in the shortest time frame (30 hours). Candidates who take the PTE Academic exam can use their exam results for studying abroad applications and Australian immigration and visa applications.

Main Advantages of PTE Academic:

  • PTE Academic has the most frequent sessions
  • Test takers are able to register until 24 hours. PTE Academic exam has the most reasonable price in this area. (exam fee: 1850 TL)
  • Test takers get their score report in 30 hours averagely
  • All exam parts are scored by artificial intelligence system. So it protects objectivity and reliability of the exam scoring.
  • It is not only accepted abroad study also accepted by all universities in Turkey through the YDS Equivalence


  • Turkey: PTE is accepted by all universities in Turkey. Especially students can have a chance to pass the Foundation Class of English Language School through getting required PTE score
  • United Kingdom: Through acceptance of UKVI, PTE is accepted for all foundation and pre-sessional institutions of United Kingdom. Also PTE is accepted by all universities for all type of the study applications
  • USA: PTE is accepted by 2000 Universities including Harvard, Yale and Stanford University etc..
  • Australia: All universities accept PTE Score Reports. Also PTE is accepted in all visa and immigration applications.
  • Canada: PTE is accepted by %91 of Canadian Universities including British Columbia, Concordia, McGill etc..


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